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The Royal Andalusian School to use the service Lastik exhibition La Beaujoire. The Nantes thank you for your confidence. Some pictures .... [I] "The racing season starts strong in this new year 2008. 17,000 people attended the coronation of 3rd Tim Stockdale on the grand prize of the city of Nantes. The race emblematic of 6 bars are now the new record 2m05 . Finally, the unique venue of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art dazzled with Andalusia on two evenings in 8000 people. As such, FC Nantes SHNA and thank you and your staff for your involvement and professionalism that have contributed to the success of these two events. The new riders have appreciated the quality of the site, reception and soil équestre. Media, public and partners when they praised the overall success of the full week under the banner of "horse", which we fully endorse. You are renewing our appreciation, please accept the assurances of our greetings sortives. "[/ I]

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