Our skills


Design and manufacturing

The realization of a horse trail is linked to several criteria, each item is important and can not be replaced or forgotten.
This is why we encourage you to choose one of two formats: "Turnkey or Site supervision".

Keys in hand

LASTIK supports the entire site to the end and you do not have to do anything. A single contact will listen to you.

Site supervision

We offer regular site visits according to your needs and those of your contractor.

Subministry Lastik Sand

If you only need to order our sand . We can do it .

Our coatings

Submerged Lastik Arena

Lastik reinvents the arena with subirrigation!

Sub-irrigation by Lastik!

It's all about process optimisation...

  • A simplified process
  • A more reliable product
  • An impeccable quality
  • An affordable price!

Lastik Soft White

An off-white carpet which is easy on the feet and easy to look after.

LASTIK BLANC is a mix of several components with limited maintenance needs which lends itself perfectly to the requirements of sports equitation, offering comfort, elasticity, hold and safety.