Wanahorse team !
Bertrand and his team Piganiol WANAHORSE have chosen Lastik. Soft Rose for its outdoor track and soft white inside. B. Piganiol explains his choice: [I] 'Society Wanahorse I am the manager, is responsible for training, buying, selling and brokering horses of elite sport and in particular CSO. Recently installed in a structure in Hauteville in Yvelines I had to redo all the indoor and outdoor tracks and I had set the following specifications: An absolute priority to the comfort of the horses so they can jump regularly during training and because they are sometimes asked more than we would like during the various presentations. So a very soft ground but which retains a certain "bounce". Maintenance and watering limited to reduce costs for labor and water. Soils that are aesthetic and preserve all weather comfort of guests on foot. I was looking for something impossible given that each product has its advantages and shortcomings. Lastik society which I had seen some achievements met my expectations beyond my expectations and has made the stables Wanahorse some very high-end product perfectly suited to the demands of a professional team! "[/ I] Bertrand Piganiol Mob 0033 (0) 6 16 800 900 Tel 0033 (0) 1 34 94 24 75 Fax 0033 (0) 1 34 94 24 76 [B] WANAHORSE SARL [/ B] 21, route de l'Epinette, 78113 La Hauteville France More information at:

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