The city of Fenouillet receives académie de Versailles
Dac Sport and Culture organizes the representations of the Academy of Versailles. We thank Didier Astier for his confidence. A little background: 2009 EQUESTRIAN EVENT: The Equestrian Show Academy DE VERSAILLES Imagined and created by Bartabas, founder of the Zingaro Equestrian Theater, the Academy of equestrian show opened in February 2003 in the large stables of the Château de Versailles.Lieu performance and training, she welcomes squires, and mainly bridleways, from around the world, working in a dynamic of listening and patience, guided by the passion of Bartabas. A knowledge transfer équestre combines the practice of dance, singing, fencing, visual arts and Kyudo, Japanese discipline of archery. The objective of this training is the show that gives full meaning to the work of the squires: happiness of offering the public the best of oneself in the pursuit of perfection équestre. Worked to air high school, Lusitanian of the Academy are all cremellos with blue eyes. Other breeds of horses have also joined the school such as Argentine Criollo, used for horse fencing and Soraya, Portuguese horses for working the long reins. The Academy combines contemporary art, equestrian art, heritage and transmission. It is not a riding school but rather a company school, a laboratory. It is a corps de ballet for the performing arts. Because it is led by an artist of exception it occupies a special place alongside the major institutions equestrian.

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